Bull Pit® 1000

Ignite your culinary passion with the Ambiance® Bull Pit® 1000 pellet smoker grill by Louisiana Grills, designed to unleash the pitmaster in you. Boasting upgrades usually found in more expensive grills, this affordable choice caters to the fervor of BBQ and smoker enthusiasts. The digital control board, equipped with built-in WIFI and Bluetooth capability, offers an intuitive and seamless operation. Take command of your grilling experience by using your smartphone and the Louisiana Grills app, even monitoring the temperature of the two included meat probes.

Feel the thrill of versatility as you embark on grilling or smoking projects with the Bull Pit® 1000. Whether you’re bravely exploring the art of brisket or venturing into the world of pulled pork for the first time, success is guaranteed! The stainless-steel cooking grid and warming rack enhance the Bull Pit® 1000 pellet grill, delivering a thoughtful, griller-focused encounter. It not only places you in control of luxury outdoor cooking but also allows you to infuse your creations with the passion of different wood flavors of smoke, transforming each barbecue into a unique and flavorful masterpiece.

  • 180° to 600°F Temperature Range
  • 1028 sq. in. Cooking Surface
  • WIFI and Bluetooth Capability

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